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EFFEX Sequencer - Implementierung und Erweiterungen von zugrundeliegenden Prinzipien

Authors Wolff, P.
Year 2020
Thesis Type Master's thesis
Topic Sound and Space
Abstract A central approach of the 20th century composition was the creation of new sounds and to expand existing ones. This was achieved by extended playing techniques, prepared instruments and the use of non-traditional equipment. According to this the aesthetic changed. For the first time in history noise was considered as an adequate musical material. Such developments are directly related to technical achievements. They bring along new sounds, ways of thinking, and new genres, as well as new instruments. One example are sequencers, who play an important role in different fields of electronic music. They use internal principles such as repetition, which also represents an essential element of various musical cultures and genres. Within the development of the EFFEX sequencer, attempts were made to pick up underlying functions and limitations of sequencer systems, and alter them by various implementations, such as random operations or expanding the flexibility of rhythmical possibilities. As a result, not only interesting sounds should occur, but also unfamiliar musical structures.
Supervisors Eckel, G.