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Synthetisierte Aufnahmecharakteristika auf Basis spektraler Subtraktion koinzidenter Mikrofone

Authors Meyer-Kahlen, N.
Year 2016
Thesis Type Bachelor's thesis
Topic Audio Signal Processing
Abstract Starting from a planar, coincident microphone array an algorithm for synthesizing controllable recording characteristics is examined. Using the tested method directional characteristics with a 3 dB recording angle of approximately 25.1° can be created. These can be steered towards any angle in the horizontal plane. To achieve these directed patterns spectral subtraction is used. Apart from this, important processing steps are the generation of FIR-filters for the algorithms input and output stage, the formation of a B-format and its further processing, aimed at forming three virtual cardioid microphones. The evaluation of the results is done by presenting 3D-directivity plots with data, which has been interpolated by the use of spherical harmonic base-functions. Also SNR-measurements are shown. Furthermore an algorithm for source localization using the created recording characteristics is presented. A possible application for the system lies in teleconferencing, where it could be used to detect an active speaker and adapt to its location, thus eliminating noise from other directions.
Supervisors Sontacchi, A.