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Evalution of Surround Sound Setups based on Ambisonic Room Impulse Response Measurements

Authors Hoffbauer, E.
Year 2021
Thesis Type Master's thesis
Topic Spatial Audio
Keywords 3D sound
Abstract An exact and immersive spatial reproduction of audio signals is affected by multiple parameters, e.g., the influence of the acoustics of playback room, loudspeaker setup and signal processing algorithms. In this master thesis, approaches for the evaluation of surround sound setups are examined in regard of their auditory properties, including source localisation and source width, timbre preservation and direct-to-diffuse ratio. The measurement of multiple Ambisonic room impulse response enables the distinct description of the playback setup and the influence of the room, in which it is placed. Based on these impulse responses different sound reproduction methods on this measured system can be simulated digitally and evaluated without any additional measurements. Within the scope of this work existing quality criteria are tested on their suitability and, if needed, adapted or newly developed.
Supervisors Frank, M., Höldrich, R.