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From live to interactive electronics

Authors Gioti, A.
Year 2015
Thesis Type Master's thesis
Topic Algorithmic Composition
Abstract Human-computer interaction in live electronics is – in most cases still today – a reflection of the instrumental model. The electronics, like a musical instrument, must react to the performer’s orders as precisely as possible. The frequent use of control devices, such as musical interfaces, reinforces the instrumental character of live electronics, leading to an action-reaction performance model, derived from instrumental performance (performative electronics). A detachment from the instrumental model in live electronic music can be achieved through the design of human-computer interaction not as a reflective, but as a formative condition. Instead of taking the action-reaction model for granted, the relationship between the performer and the electronics can be re-examined and redefined. A design of human-computer interaction from a compositional point of view enables the transformation of the musical work into a sonic process, as the result of a reciprocal sonic interaction between man and machine (interactive electronics). This thesis attempts a systematization of live electronics on the basis of (human or software) agency and describes the author’s personal approach to the design of interactive sonic systems in a piece for double bass and interactive electronics.
Supervisors Eckel, G.