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Bestimmung der Richtcharakteristika für unterschiedliche Stereomikrofonierungen

Authors Klammer, H.
Year 2010
Thesis Type Bachelor's thesis
Topic Audio Signal Processing
Keywords audio recording, audio reproduction
Abstract The aim of this project is the consideration of the different main microphones for stereo recording. The emphasis is the directivity of the microphones an the trying to figure out the basic principles and simulate the directivity in MATLAB. The main subjects of the project are intensity stereophony and time-of-arrival stereophony. The intensity stereophony contains X-Y technique and M/S technique and the time-of arrival stereophony contains A-B technique with a small distance between the two microphones and a big distance. A discussion about the advantages and disadvantages and the explanation of the theory of the different microphone systems should give more clarification. The simulation in MATLAB contains the presentation of the directivity in polar plots.Therefore ideal microphones are used.
Supervisors Sontacchi, A.