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Untersuchungen zu Entstehung und Kompensation von Bremsgeräuschen bei Motorrädern

Authors Blamberger, S.
Year 2014
Thesis Type Diploma thesis
Topic Audio Signal Processing
Abstract This thesis deals with the identication and analysis of sources of motorcycle brake noise. The main dierences between car and motorcycle brake systems are the braking power and the brake dimensions. Due to the lower weight of motorcycles approximately a tenth of the braking power is sucient when compared to car brake systems. In general the reduction of vehicle speed is obtained by a conversion from kinetic energy to heat. This can be achieved by a hydraulic boost system that presses two brake pads onto the surface of a rotating brake disc. Due to friction instabilities in this dynamic mechanical contact system undesirable vibrations of the brake system and adjoining parts can occur. Studies on relevant components of the braking system and the chassis are performed in order to allow for structural modications that inuence the vibration behaviour. The vibrational characteristics are analysed using various measurement systems and methods, which are examined and compared for their applicability. The results show that the occurring phenomenon can be categorised as brake moan (100- 500 Hz) and the brake disc is identied as the main source of sound radiation. Further, this work suggests a general methodology for analysing, mitigating and compensating unwanted structural vibrations.
Supervisors Watzenig, D.