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The automatic registrant. Exploring score following for operating organ combination action systems

Authors Maier, M.
Year 2017
Thesis Type Master's thesis
Topic Audio Signal Processing
Keywords Human Computer Interaction (HCI)
Abstract Score following is a procedure in computer music to automatically detect the currently performed position in a score in real-time. It is developed in context of live electronics where it is mainly used to automatically synchronize playbacks and control parameters with temporally flexible parts of compositions, e.g. acoustic solo instruments. The performance data of such parts is transmitted to the score following algorithm via MIDI or audio signal. The subject of this thesis is the application of score following to organ music, for instance to automatically control the registration. In the process it is investigated to what extent the procedure can be employed in the context of standard repertoire and associated conventional performance techniques, thus the use is not limited to the area of contemporary music. The project is conducted in cooperation with the Institute for Church Music and Organ where both suitable instruments and the musical expertise are available. The thesis aims at developing a laboratory system as a means to compare and evaluate specific musical, technical and ergonomic requirements as well as the current state of research and development regarding score following. To that end the application requirements concerning the most important parameters like, e.g., temporal granularity have to be analyzed. Based on that, a workflow shall be formulated which describes the prototypical hands-on application of the laboratory system and covers topics like score input, the acoustic or electronic transmission of data or the musical and technical limitations regarding the system’s application.
Supervisors Eckel, G., Rumori, M.