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Dreidimensionale Schallfeldreproduktion für Lautsprecher- und Kopfhöreranwendungen

Authors Sontacchi, A.
Year 2003
Thesis Type Doctoral thesis
Topic Spatial Audio
Abstract In this thesis new applications for three-dimensional sound field reproduction via loudspeakers and headphones are presented. These applications are based on the extended ambisonic theory and the wave field synthesis. While ambisonic can be considered as a mathematically motivated approach, wave field synthesis is related to physical modelling of the sound field. The IEM CUBE is presented as a state-of-the-art multi-channel loudspeaker application for 3D reproduction of virtual sound sources in the upper hemisphere. As virtual room acoustics systems require the compensation of early reflections in the real room, a new concept for dereverberation based on the ambisonic approach and measured directional room impulse responses is proposed. Furthermore distance coding for virtual sound sources is presented. The reproduction quality is assessed by objective sound field indicators. A comprehensive time-variant binaural system is proposed utilizing virtual sound field modification instead of interpolating head related impulse responses (HRIRs) like in conventional implementations. An objective error model is proposed for the description of localisation and localisation blur. This model is based on the psychoacoustically evaluated deviation of the system HRIRs to the reference curves. Various parameter settings of the binaural system as well as the properties of the error model are subjectively evaluated by listening tests.
Supervisors Höldrich, R.