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Untersuchung akustischer Beschreibungsmethoden für Haushaltsgeräte

Authors Sereinig, R.
Year 2010
Thesis Type Diploma thesis
Topic Psychoacoustics
Keywords signal processing, acoustics
Abstract Following the results of the preceding project, discussing the technical aspect of measurement optimisations, this diploma thesis inherently focuses upon the psychoacoustical evaluation of domestic appliances. A feasibility of an annoyance-model for domestic appliances will be demonstrated using blenders as a represantative class of domestic appliances. At first recordings of the emitted noises of three different kinds of blenders in combination with three different recipes will be made in an simulated kitchen environment, using an artificial head and a measurement microphone. The recordings of the artificial head are subsequently evaluated in a listening experiment while the recordings of the measurement microphone are used to extract psychoacoustical parameters and their variants. At last the ratings of the test subjects of the listening experiment and the extracted psychoacoustical parameters are merged into an annoyance-model using regression methods. Finally the model is proven using cross-validation. In reference to the findings, recommendations regarding the expandibility of the shown annoyance-models are given. Thus the perspective is to get an evaluation tool to estimate the annoyance of domestic appliances in the stage of product development.
Supervisors Sontacchi, A., Sigot, T.