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Analysis and Synthesis of Sound-Radiation with Spherical Arrays

Authors Zotter, F.
Year 2009
Thesis Type Doctoral thesis
Topic Spatial Audio
Keywords Ambisonics, technical acoustics, wave field synthesis (WFS), audio reproduction, acoustics, audio recording and reproduction
Abstract This work demonstrates a comprehensive methodology for capture, analysis, manipulation, and reproduction of spatial sound-radiation. As the challenge herein, acoustic events need to be captured and reproduced not only in one but in a preferably complete multiplicity of directions, instead. The solutions presented in this work are using the soap-bubble model, a working hypothesis about sound- radiation, and are based on fundamental mathematical descriptions of spherical acoustic holography and holophony. These descriptions enable a clear methodic approach of sound-radiation capture and reproduction. In particular, this work illustrates the implementation of surrounding spherical microphone arrays for the capture of sound-radiation, as well as the analysis of sound-radiation with a functional model. Most essential, the thesis shows how to obtain holophonic reproduction of sound-radiation. For this purpose, a physical model of compact spherical loudspeaker arrays is established alongside with its electronic control.
Supervisors Höldrich, R., Wessel, D.