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Studie zur Steuerung der örtlichen Schallfeldkonzentration

Authors Zotter, F.
Year 2003
Thesis Type Audio Engineering project
Topic Spatial Audio
Keywords audio reproduction, signal processing
Abstract The audio-engineering-project "studies on control of spatial sound field concentration" develops ideas about a dynamic sound-radiation (of radio traffic) on an air traffic control working-position. The aim is a well audible sound field at the operator's working position and the lowest possible sound level in the surrounding sound field. A simple loudspeaker setup is used, the directivity of which can easily be influenced by the appropriate drive. The desired sound level maximum should be adjusted to the operator's sitting position with the means of controllable real-time-signal processing. The dimensions are determined by analytic calculation and simulations in MATLAB. The real-time-signal processing and control is implemented in pd. A hardware-efficient implementation is being kept in view.
Supervisors Höldrich, R., Noisternig, M.