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Ambisonics Streambox

Authors Heidegger, P.
Year 2019
Thesis Type Bachelor's thesis
Topic Spatial Audio
Keywords Ambisonics, Computer Music, sound spatialization
Abstract Capturing soundscapes has been gaining popularity in artworks as well as scientific studies during the past years. Streamboxes are used for recording off the grid and live monitoring of soundscapes. A Streambox is an autonomous device capable of capturing audio and streaming it to a server. Present Streamboxes, however, are mostly designed for mono- or stereo-recording and hence incapable of capturing spatial audio. Thus, a 3D audio Streambox would increase the number of possible usecases in both scientific and artworks. Ambisonics is, because of its flexible recording- and playback setups, a suitable format to realize a 3D audio Streambox. This thesis forms the groundwork for the design of an Ambisonics-Streambox. It describes the basic Ambisonics theory and provides assistance in selecting the hardware, scaling the power supply and designing the software.
Supervisors Ritsch, W.