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A Tangible User Interface for Playing Virtual Acoustics

Authors Gasteiger, B.
Year 2010
Thesis Type Diploma thesis
Topic Interaction Design
Keywords Computermusic and Elektronic Music, Klang und Raum
Abstract In this thesis the development of a digital musical instrument (DMI) playing virtual architectural spaces in the manner of a musical instrument is presented. The structure of the instrument is based on the implementation of an Auditory Virtual Environment (AVE) approach. The AVE approach comprises a geometric room model enabling real-time acoustic modeling of rectangular room geometries and supporting a dynamic modification of boundaries and sources. The computation of early reflection paths is derived by the implementation of an image-source model. A statistical model provides the simulation of reverberation and is based on a feedback delay network (FDN). Higher Order Ambisonics (HOA) is employed for the reproduction of the sound field. In order to enable instrumental interaction a tabletop tangible interface (TUI) providing tangible and direct-touch interaction is built up. The results of an objective measurement evaluating the auditory quality of the environment are presented.
Supervisors Ritsch, W.