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Authors Cladders, J.
Year 2020
Thesis Type Bachelor's thesis
Topic Spatial Audio
Keywords Audio, binaural, Spatial Audio, Game
Abstract EarSCAPE is an audio-game in the genre of so called escape games. Usually the player has to succeed in di erent tasks to nally escape from one or more rooms. In EarSCAPE the player is trapped in a single room with only one exit and has to follow di erent auditive cues to successfully escape the room within a given time. There is no visual support. The auditive orientation is based on binaural spatialization using Head Related Transfer Functions (HRTFs), so the use of headphones is obligatory. The implementation was done in Pure Data (Pd) in a way, that it is accessible to the user to create own levels by placing audio events in a room and assigning own samples to it. For its non-visual output, the game is also playable for people without the ability to see.
Supervisors Zmölnig, J.