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Temporal Pitch in Electric Hearing with Short-Interpulse-Intervall (SIPI) Stimulation

Authors Lindenbeck, M.
Year 2017
Thesis Type Master's thesis
Topic Psychoacoustics
Abstract Cochlear implants (CIs) partially restore the auditory perception of people with profound hearing loss by electrically stimulating the auditory nerve using an array of implanted electrodes. Temporal information like pitch and interaural time differences (ITDs) are only imperfectly transmitted via CIs because most of the signal encoding strategies discard the fine structure of the audio signal. Recently, a new encoding strategy based on extra pulses with short-interpulse-intervals (SIPIs) has been shown to increase ITD sensitivity in CI listeners. In this master thesis, a psychophysical study with CI listeners will be conducted aiming at investigating the influence of the extra SIPI pulses on temporal pitch discrimination sensitivity. In order to capture that effect in everyday life situations, pseudo-syllabic signals will be used. Parameters like amplitude modulation depth, pulse rate and reference pitch will be systematically varied. Previous findings indicate that loudness differences across different signal conditions may have an impact on the pitch discrimination sensitivity. Thus, the listeners will be tested under individually loudness-balanced conditions. The results will be statistically analyzed and discussed in the light of related literature.
Supervisors Majdak, P.