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Evaluation of photogrammetric reconstruction for numerical computation of perceptually valid HRTFs

Authors Pollack, K.
Year 2016
Thesis Type Audio Engineering project
Topic Psychoacoustics
Keywords binaural, signal processing, Video
Abstract Nowadays head-related transfer functions (HRTFs) are essential to many applications such as spatialisation of audio signals and virtual acoustics. Their acoustic measurement can be very fast, being in the order of tens of minutes. But what if the acoustic measurment equipment is not available? Photogrammetry can be a potential answer to that question: a pipeline of algorithms construct a three-dimensional mesh based on photos of head and pinnae. The mesh is then used for numerical calculation of the HRTFs. Within the scope of this project, setup of the photo session and parameters of photogrammetry algorithms are investigated, aiming at calculating perceptually valid HRTFs.
Supervisors Majdak, P., Frank, M.