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The Influence of Reverberation on Externalization

Authors Giller, P.
Year 2019
Thesis Type Master's thesis
Topic Psychoacoustics
Abstract Inside-head localization is a common problem of headphone-based reproduction. Realistic binaural synthesis, however, requires well-externalized sound images. Externalization is a subjective quantity referring to the sensation of auditory events being located outside the listener's head. It is a fragile experience that, in addition to the sound field at the entrance of the ear canals, also depends on visual cues, training, and expectation. Various studies have examined the perceptual and technical aspects of the phenomenon. It was found that the presence of reverberation can increase the degree of externalization. However, if the original sound of a recording should be preserved, additional reverberation is undesired. This work investigates how reverberation influences externalization and sound quality in two listening experiments. The first experiment compares the effect of successive de-reverberation of binaural room impulse responses using different methods. The second experiment is an exploratory study considering different scenarios. These include the variation between different spatial distributions as well as binaural, dichotic, and diotic reverberation, the influence of additive and convolutive reverberation, and the effect of discrete specular and diffuse reflections.
Supervisors Wendt, F., Höldrich, R.