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Monster - Ein interaktives Projektions-System für bewegte Objekte bei Tanzperformances

Authors Weger, M.
Year 2012
Thesis Type Bachelor's thesis
Topic Interaction Design
Abstract Dance performances make more and more use of the possibilities, that are gained through new media technologies like live-electronics or video projection. But many times, they lack a proper relation between the individual parts. This work describes the basic principles of synchronization and interaction and discusses selected examples of modern dance performances. It is important to note, that only the interrelationship between dancers and video projection is considered in this work, as motion control for sound is sufficiently described in other literature. The required basic principles of video projection are described as well. The aim is to implement a system to enable a dancer to interact with live-video projection. This is to be tested in the performance of the work Monster. In close collaboration with the composer Wen Liu, a hierarchical model shall be created, in which the music synchronizes a dancer, while selfsame interacts with the video projection.
Supervisors Ritsch, W.