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Akustik–Prüfstand für kleine Schalldämpfer

Authors Brielmaier, F.
Year 2013
Thesis Type Diploma thesis
Topic Audio Signal Processing
Abstract Measurements with impedance tubes are the most common tool used for quality control and error optimization of silencers. This work deals with the challenging issue of evaluating small sized silencers. In order to measure the transmission loss of those small sized silencers, a variable test bench utilizing the 4–microphone–method, is developed and constructed. The actual measurements are performed in the PAK–system (Müller–BBM) and are evaluated in Matlab. The setup of the test bench is optimized and verified using three principle silencers, that are designed and built, based on the underlying theory of reflection silencers. The actual measured transmission loss is compared against an analytical model. Further, a more complex silencer con- sisting of three combined Helmholtz resonators is measured and its transmission loss is analyzed. Finally, strategies for optimizing the test bench are outlined.
Supervisors Weselak, W.