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Comparison of Amplitude Panning Approaches on ITU BS.2051 Loudspeaker Layouts with Height

Authors Romanov, M.
Year 2017
Thesis Type Master's thesis
Topic Audio Signal Processing
Keywords Ambisonics, audio reproduction, psychoacoustics
Abstract This thesis describes rendering methods required by the sound objects of the audio definition model (ADM) issued within the ITU. After outlining several methods to do so via amplitude panning and other distance- and reverberation-based effects, the implementation part of this work focuses on amplitude panning methods for direction rendering of sound objects and their realization on standard ITU loudspeaker layouts. The second part ot this thesis focuses on experimental evaluation of amplitude-panning direction rendering. In order to spot differences in the continuum of temporal and directional parameters of the different rendering techniques, technical quality measures were used to obtain an overview of notable technical differences between the various rendering techniques. This technical analysis gives hints on panning directions with pronounced distinction in estimated perceived direction, perceived width, etc. and together with informal listening sessions at BBC R&D and IEM, a listening experiment was designed to deal with perceived quantities. In particular, perceived differences in extent for static sound sources, and in colouration and continuity for moving sound sources were found to deliver relevant distinctive impressions as attributes to be tested with specific directions or trajectories in speed and path. The thesis concludes with the perceptual advantages and disadvantages of every direction renderer and gives implementation examples in python.
Supervisors Frank, M., Zotter, F., Höldrich, R.