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Composing and Performing With and Within Feedback Systems

Authors Borsetto, T.
Year 2020
Thesis Type Bachelor's thesis
Topic Sound and Space
Abstract In this thesis I aim at outlining a model of computer music composition as inextricably intertwined with performance and intrinsically bound to the generative qualities of the machine. These qualities are prominent in some specific configurations, for instance in feedback systems. As will be discussed, they appear to be both the cause and the consequence of some specific properties: emergence, non-linearity, complexity and self-organization. My approach is based on the inclusion of these contingencies in the process of composition. As I shall demonstrate, two key elements in this model of computer music composition are the design of the interaction between human and machine, and the mutuality of this interaction, that is the bidirectionality of the exchange of information between the agents. I shall investigate the human, the machine and the bond between them, shaping a narrative along the lines of three key concepts, that are introduced in the very title: composing and performing , with and within and feedback systems .
Supervisors Eckel, G.