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Entwicklung eines audiometrischen Reimtestverfahrens für Kinder mit Hörbeeinträchtigung zur Detektion und Analyse von Fehlinterpretationen in der Sprachwahrnehmung

Authors Moitzi, W., Neugebauer, U.
Year 2011
Thesis Type Audio Engineering project
Topic Psychoacoustics
Abstract This project aims at developing a new audio-metric rhyme test procedure for binaurally hearing-impaired children aged 4-7. The testing procedure is meant to be a supplement to traditional sound audiometry to reflect speech comprehension of test participants. Traditional sound audiometry testing procedures do allow for conclusions to be drawn on speech comprehension, but do not allow for determining the reasons of possible disturbance in speech comprehension. The test procedure developed as part of this project takes this one step further. Through analysis of speech signals applied, signal parameters are defined to help in the search for explanations for potential deficient response behaviour. The selection of visual and audio material is another special feature of this test procedure as a particular focus was put on age-related vocabulary of the target group and typical Austrian pronunciation of test words. The objective of this project is to improve hearing capabilities and, thus, improve child development.
Supervisors Sontacchi, A.