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Entwicklung eines statistischen Modells zur Evaluierung des Schallschutzes zwischen den Unterrichtsräumen einer Musikuniversität

Authors Tonetti, F., Ziesemer, S.
Year 2019
Thesis Type Audio Engineering project
Topic Psychoacoustics
Abstract The classification of the airborne sound insulation inside buildings using the evaluated standard sound pressure differenceDnT;w or the frequency-dependent standard sound pressure difference DnT is defined in the Austrian standard [ÖNORM EN ISO 717-1 2013]. Within the standard, these two parameters are primarily defined with respect to sound pressure levels in living spaces, however they are also utilised for more specific applications such as universities of music. Subjective testimonials from users of spaces where the parameters have been applied have indicated that sound levels are unacceptably high and as such provided evidence that the parameters are not entirely accurate. This work attempts to evaluate the suitability of the two parameters for specific buildings through a statistic model based on 14 in-situ measurements. As an outcome of this work, recommendations are presented for more accurate airborne sound insulation parameterisation.
Supervisors Höldrich, R.