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Wiedergabe von Mehrkanalformaten über Ikosaederlautsprecher

Authors Meyer-Kahlen, N.
Year 2017
Thesis Type Audio Engineering project
Topic Sonification
Abstract The icosahedral loudspeaker IKO has been developed during the last couple of years and it's application as an instrument in electronic music has been explored successfully. Now, the aim is, by using the IKO as sound-projector in the room, to find a good way of reproducing material that wasn't explicitly produced for the array, such as 5.1 surround material. By doing first experiments, approaches for finding directions and shapes of the used beams were found. Since requirements on these are highly material-dependent, different 5.1 mixing approaches are revised. The collected material is the starting point for a new collection of characteristic surround productions. For allowing automatic beam adjustment, SCOUT is presented, based on the pseudo-intensity-vector and directivity-optimization. Cubical loudspeakers are introduced as an alternative to the IKO, along with a discussion of advantages and disadvantages.
Supervisors Frank, M.