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Messung und Charakterisierung von Klängen der Lippenorgelpfeifen

Authors Täsch, C.
Year 2003
Thesis Type Diploma thesis
Topic Audio Signal Processing
Keywords musical acoustics
Abstract The measuring of sound is a crucial task in musical acoustics when optimizing musical instruments like the Flue Organ pipes. This work is concerned with sound analysis, including objective measurements and perception. The research´s aim is to determine differences in sound within one pipe rank. For this purpose 2 different sorts of pipes, closed wooden pipes and open metal pipes, which appear in one rank were investigated. This represents a starting point of the work as a decisive transition in sound character shows up here. Suitable techniques of in-situ recording have been arranged. The recorded signals should be used for signal analysis and subjective tests. Algorithms of analysis have been implemented and used and the signals have been processed in order to get out objective parameters. A listening test aiming to detect global differences in sound was developed and performed with special test persons and the specific wording was collected.
Supervisors Höldrich, R., Angster, J., Stepánek, J.