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Störungsklassifizierung bei mobilen Rundfunkempfangseinrichtungen

Authors Reithner, C.
Year 2009
Thesis Type Audio Engineering project
Topic Psychoacoustics
Abstract At the moment the reception quality of radio receivers is tested by the subjective impression of a test driver. To obtain the required objectivity and reproducibility in evaluation, it is necessary to replace the subjective components by programmable and repeatable measuring sequences with an according benchmark metric. Many types of artefacts are induced in mobile receiving of analog broadcast. Due to physical reasons like reflection, diffusion, absorption or bending of electromagnetic waves, caused by the environment, induce artefacts in spectral range and in time domain. Based on the analysis of recorded analog broadcast, a classification oft these artefacts, concerning physical and psychoacoustic aspects, is going to be developed within this project.
Supervisors Sontacchi, A.