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Searching for the Immersive Experience

Authors Rodríguez Rodríguez, C.
Year 2021
Thesis Type Master's thesis
Topic Interaction Design
Keywords Ambisonics, Video
Abstract The goal of this project is to find the characteristics and mechanics that make VR immersive. After the fast adoption rate specially seen in 2020, new VR content has spawned, not always utilizing the medium to the full possibilities. By means of an extensive analysis and synthesis of this mechanics, the project of the Master Thesis will be a VR Experience designed and created from scratch utilizing this idea. Split in 2 parts, an analysis and a practical VR implementation of the conclusions of this analysis The results should point ultimately at what VR is today, how can be fully taken advantage of and finally, to learn and experience a full development cycle of software testing and implement all the knowledge acquired during this Master studies. This thesis will be a final test for my experience, a proof that I am ready to be a generalist in the VR industry and will help me understand the technical and creative challenges of VR
Supervisors Ciciliani, M., Gründler, J.