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Kollabs/DS - a state-saving system with scene morphing functionality for PureData

Authors Weger, M.
Year 2014
Thesis Type Audio Engineering project
Topic Interaction Design
Abstract Nowadays, most professional music production software or hardware equipment implies the ability to store and recall presets of all its settings. Also cross-fading between different scenes is now widely-used, especially in stage lighting. However, in theater productions, shows or installations, it is often required to create custom software solutions for sound and video processing or for controlling special hardware. To enhance the possibilities of the graphical data-flow programming environment Pure Data in such applications, there arises the need for an appropriate state-saving system. This work documents the design and evaluation process of Kollabs/DS , a scene- based state-saving solution for Pd, featuring versatile transition features and play-lists. Through bidirectional communication via OSC, MIDI, etc., it can also be used to control other hard- or software, such as synthesizers or digital mixing consoles. Kollabs/DS is based entirely on Pd-Vanilla abstractions and can therefore easily be used on any platform and operating system, which Pd supports. It is part of the Kollabs library, which aims to become a complete solution for not only state-saving, but also general data management and communication.
Supervisors Zmölnig, J.