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An initial Investigation into HRTF Adaptation using PCA

Authors Hölzl, J.
Year 2012
Thesis Type Audio Engineering project
Topic Psychoacoustics
Keywords audio recording, audio reproduction
Abstract Recent research indicates that it is necessary to provide ways of adapting HRTFs to individuals since generalized HRTF models result in perceptual problems and individualized HRTFs are costly to measure. The project investigates in HRTF individualization using Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and the related literature on HRTFs is discussed. The process of HRTF individualization using PCA is formalized and a Least Squares feasibility analysis is presented. To this end, existing HRTF databases are analyzed, with a focus on the impact of estimation methodology and database configuration on the coherence of the produced Principal Components (PCs) and Principal Component Weights (PCWs). Some initial throughs on the development of a system for HRTF individualization are presented together with a user interface that allows the adjustment of the PCWs using the different methods discussed for a number of existing HRTF databases.
Supervisors Marentakis, G.