Registration for Instrument Instruction 1 and for Ear Training 1

In the Bachelor’s program Electrical Engineering and Audio Engineering there are registration requirements for Instrument Instruction and Ear Training.

The courses at Curricula 2017 are:

  • Analysis T1 VU
  • Grundlagen der Elektrotechnik VO
  • Studiogerätekunde VO
  • Grundlagen der Musiktheorie TI 01 VU
  • Musikalische Akustik 01 VO

The courses at Curricula 2015 are:

  • Mathematik A für Elektrotechniker VO+UE
  • Grundlagen der Elektrotechnik VO+UE
  • Physik VO+UE
  • Einführung in die Programmierung (VU)
  • Studiogerätekunde VO+LU
  • Musikalische Akustik 1+2 VO


So that we can check over your application requirements, you must present a transcript of  records in each case BEFORE the end of the course registration deadline to Ms Bergner at the IEM for admission to Instrument Instruction and Ear Training. Only thereafter will you be assigned a teacher for the Instrument Instruction and/or be admitted to Ear Training.