Information for Master’s Students in Electrical Engineering and Audio Engineering

[Translate to english:] Informationen für Master Elektrotechnik-ToningenieurInnen

The two main institutes for training in Electrical Engineering and Audio Engineering are:
Institut für Elektronische Musik und Akustik (IEM) at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz (KUG), Inffeldgasse 10, Tel.: 389-3170
Institut für Signalverarbeitung und Sprachkommunikation at the Technical University Graz (TUG), Inffeldgasse 12, Tel.: 873-7459.

Artistic aptitude for enrolling in the Master’s degree program in Electrical Engineering and Audio Engineering (according to § 63 Abs 1 Z 4 UG 2002) can be proven by attaining the Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and Audio Engineering at TUG or KUG, or by passing the admission test at KUG.
This test will determine:
• to what extent the applicant still needs to pass certain courses from the Bachelor’s program in Electrical Engineering and Audio Engineering
• as a result, which electives are to be taken
• what reduction there may be in the choice of courses.

In order to prove that you have the necessary artistic aptitude to enter this study program, you must pass an admission test at KUG.

After passing the test, you have two options:

Admission to the Kunstuniversität (KUG)

1.  Take the following supporting materials to the KUG Studien- und Prüfungsabteilung, Leonhardstraße 15, Parterre: - identity document with a valid photo (=passport)
- Bachelor’s and/or Master’s certificate
- social insurance number
- 2 passport photos
2.  Your data will be recorded and you will receive a remittance slip so that you can pay the student fee.
3.  After the student fee has been deposited in the KUG bank account (takes about 3 to 5 work days after payment), you will be admitted as a regular student, your data will be automatically transferred to TUG, and you can register for the courses.

    Admission to the Technical University (TUG)

    • After you have passed the entrance exam, you will receive confirmation of this in the KUG Student Division (Studienabteilung der Kunstuniversität Graz). With this confirmation slip, go to the TUG Studienabteilung, Rechbauerstraße 3, and register for the Master’s program in Electrical Engineering and Audio Engineering (similar procedure as at KUG).
    • After you have successfully registered at TUG (=your student fee has been received by the KUG accounts dept.), take your admission confirmation slip, your Studienblatt, and a passport photo to the KUG Studienabteilung, Leonhardstraße 15.

    Please make note of the different registration deadlines at the two universities!

    Continuing Studies

    In subsequent semesters, your re-registration to the university (KUG or TUG) where you are registered is sufficient. This university then automatically advises the other university that you are continuing your studies!