Entrance Exam Computer Music

Entrance Exam

The test consists of an interview that is to be held in either German or English. The basis for the interview is formed by two artistic works (for example, sound installations, documentation about the performance or interpretation of music compositions for computer, the development of instruments used in computer music or other usages in the area of music informatics) that the applicant must have handed in as an audio-document or video-document two weeks before the deadline. The candidate will receive the invitation to submit these items, along with further instructions, after the application to enter the study program has been made.

During the interview, it is expected that the applicant can explain what his or her motivation for the Master's study is, and what special areas of interest he or she wishes to develop during the course of the degree.


Deadline for examination interview:  June 25, 2019

Registration deadline until 1st Mai 2019

The application interview takes place in IEM: Inffeldgasse 10/3