The main aim of the program at IEM Graz is to make students more aware of the possibilities and procedures of computer music, and to convey the knowledge of how to use a computer music system. The Lehrstudio (teaching studio) is available for the necessary practice sessions; it is also the place where most of the classes are held.

The following fields of study are offered at IEM:

  • Electrical Engineering and Audio Engineering Bachelor and Master (together with TU Graz)
  • Computer Music Bachelor and Master
  • Musicology Bachelor and Master (together with Karl-Franzens-University Graz)
  • Communication, Media, Sound and Interaction Design - Sound Design Master (together with FH Joanneum)


In addition to it the IEM offers lectures in the fields of study for Composition and Music Theory, Conducting, Education in Composition and Music Theory, Conducting, Performance Practice in Contemporary Musik - PPCM

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