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Demonstrator for Controllable Focused Sound Source Reproduction

Publication ID 4942
Abstract The implementation of a prototype to establish a controllable sound field within a restricted area utilizing distributed loudspeakers is presented. Based on the near field beam-forming approach a demonstrator setup has been developed and implemented. The proposed solution should be a primary step towards providing a convincing alternative instead of wearing headphones which are inconvenient over long time periods for instance at a controller working position (CWP) in airport traffic control towers. Therefore this invention might improve the working process and therefore positively influence the safety conditions at all. The proposed setup consists of an off-the-shelf computer, a multi-channel audio converter, a flexible array of tiny loudspeakers and a tracking device. On the computer the sound field rendering process is realized with the programming language Pure Data (pd). Due to tracking data the sound field rendering process is able to trace the position of the listener in space and to calculate the required loudspeaker signals. Within this article the principle of function is briefly revisited and the required setup components as well as the implementation strategies are treaded.
Edition title 7th Eurocontrol Innovative Research Workshop & Exhibition (Poster)
Publisher Month 12
Publisher Name -
Publisher Location Eurocontrol (Frankreich)
Note procedure: peer-reviewed
Status published
Publication Type mixed form
Publication Reference proceeding
Year of Publication 2008
Authors Sontacchi, A., Flock, M., Musil, T., Zotter, F.
Editors Eurocontrol, E.
Keywords acoustic beam focusing, sound field, focus