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A Framework for the Choreography of Sound

Publication ID 27193
Abstract A framework developed in the context of the artistic research project The Choreography of Sound is presented. The project aims at furthering the practice of electroacoustic composition, especially with respect to the spatial in this genre. The general approach of the project is introduced as a basis for presenting the design of the framework. Its main components are described and the motivations for their design are explained. The framework comprises various tools to formulate spatial aspects of compositional ideas in heterogeneous ways (geometrically, as dynamic systems, and as objects composed from shared properties). Existing spatialisation techniques can be integrated in the framework and exposed to compositional control, such as to allow for unorthodox combinations of them as well as articulating them with other levels of composition. Visualisation and auralisation components allow for sensible work off-site in the otherwise very site-specific project. The CoS software framework is conceived as extensions to the SuperCollider audio programming environment.
Edition title Proceedings of the International Computer Music Conference 2012 (International Computer Music Conference)
Publisher Month 11
Publisher Name Computer Music Association
Publisher Location San Francisco (Vereinigte Staaten (USA))
Note procedure: peer-reviewed
Status published
Publication Type full paper
Publication Reference proceeding
Year of Publication 2012
Authors Eckel, G., Rumori, M., Pirrò, D., Gonzalez-Arroyo, R.
Editors Ciglar, M.