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Composing Interactions

Publication ID 63427
Abstract This thesis investigates interaction in the context of computer music composition in general and performance-oriented generative music practice in particular. The research follows three approaches of inquiry. The first one consists in a scholarly and theoretical analysis of the concept of interaction and its understanding in the field of computer music. Furthermore, the topic is put in relation with theories of perception and cognition in philosophy and cognitive sciences, in particular with the concepts of embodiment and enaction. An understanding of interaction as a temporal process of mutual influence taking place between agents is introduced. At this point, the concept agent evolves into a central topic of this dissertation. The second direction of research is based on the mathematical theory of dynamical systems. The framework affords a process-based mindset and an ecological perspective that emphasises the role of interrelations between elements in a system. In the context of this work it is understood as the most apt language for formulating and understanding processes of interaction. A third approach consists in personal artistic engagement in the development of interactive computer music environments. This thread interweaves with the former two and allows for continuous aesthetic experimentation : speculations and abstract intuitions are put into perceptible form and, in turn, concepts and formulation can be sharpened by experience. An essential part of this engagement relies on the software framework rattle, which has been developed for the formulation and the real-time simulation of dynamical systems. The dissertation develops an attitude towards interaction that employs the language of dynamical systems to address the agency of generative computer music processes. Eventually, agency is re-interpreted as an essential perceptual quality generative computer music systems should be afforded with to allow for a composition of interactions to emerge.
Publisher Month 02
Publisher Name Institut 17 Elektronische Musik und Akustik
Publisher Location University of Music and Performing Arts Graz (Austria)
Note published: online
Publication Reference doctoral thesis
Year of Publication 2017
Authors Pirrò, D.