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Efficient Transfer Path Analysis for Vehicle Sound Engineering

Publication ID 760
Abstract An interior vehicle noise quality optimization can only be performed in optimizing the NVH of the different vehicle noise sources with the knowledge and / or modification of the chassis transmission paths. The necessary NVH and sound optimization of the different vehicle noise sources is quite straight forward, however the exact evaluation of the chassis airborne and structure vibration transfer characteristics is much more complex. Most of the benefits and drawbacks of current available transfer path analysis (TPA) procedures have been reported and discussed last year at JSAE (20075399). Based on further findings and the results published in 20075399, in this publication some TPA optimization strategies will be presented, to increase the accuracy and efficiency of TPA procedures.
Edition title Proc. JSAE (JSAE)
Publisher Month 01
Publisher Name JSAE
Publisher Location Tokio (Japan)
Note procedure: peer-reviewed
Status published
Publication Type full paper
Publication Reference proceeding
Year of Publication 2008
Authors BIERMAYER, W., BRANDL, ., Höldrich, R., Sontacchi, A., BRANDL, S., PRIEBSCH, H.
Editors N, N
Keywords Sound Engineering