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Principles and Considerations to Controllable Focused Sound Source Reproduction

Publication ID 4941
Abstract Within this paper different common approaches are discussed which have the potential to establish a controllable sound field within a restricted area based on loudspeaker setups. Therefore the usage of headphones which is demanding over long time periods can be avoided. In the case of air traffic control at controller working positions this invention might improve the working process and therefore positively influence the safety conditions. It will be shown how the excitation of the diffuse sound field and the radiation towards neighbouring workspaces can be minimised. In order to enable an appropriate freedom of movement the usage of beam-steering methods and further kinds to produce audio sculptures are discussed. Simulation results outline the abilities and limitations for the case of near field beam forming.
Edition title 7th Eurocontrol Innovative Research Workshop & Exhibition
Page from - to 85-92
Publisher Month 12
Publisher Name Eurocontrol
Publisher Location Experimental Centre Brétigny-sur-Orge (Frankreich)
Note procedure: peer-reviewed
Status published
Publication Type full paper
Publication Reference proceeding
Year of Publication 2008
Authors Flock, M., Sontacchi, A., Zotter, F., Höldrich, R.
Editors Eurocontrol, E.
Keywords acoustic beamforming, sound field, focus