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Sound Art – Synthesis Based on Rhythm and Feature Extraction

Publication ID 4943
Abstract This paper presents a software tool that was developed for the transformation of audio signals, be it short sounds or whole songs. This can subsequently be used to synthesize music from audio signal fragments (“Concatenative Sound Synthesis“). It is attempted to use timbre-related features to re-synthesize audio signals. As in a mosaic, an existing song is newly constructed from small parts (“frames”) of other songs already stored in a database. Suitable database frames are found by feature similarity analysis. The length of the frames corresponds to musically meaningful units. For the implementation suitable onset- and beat tracking methods are evaluated. The selection of suitable parameters describing the subjective semantic similarities is determined by listening tests.
Edition title Tagungsband zur 25. Tonmeistertagung 2008
Publisher Month 07
Publisher Name Verein Deutscher Tonmeister
Publisher Location VDT (Deutschland)
Note procedure: without peer reviewing
Status published
Publication Type full paper
Publication Reference proceeding
Year of Publication 2008
Authors Mikula, L., Sontacchi, A., Höldrich, R.
Editors Bernfeld, B.