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Directivity Patterns Controlling the Auditory Distance

Publication ID 53742
Abstract What influence does the directivity of a sound source have on the perceived distance impression in a room? We propose different directivity pattern designs able to modify the auditory source distance. The idea is accompanied with a comprehensive experimental study investigating the audio effect and its behavior by auralization of directional sound source and room using a 24-channel loudspeaker ring inside an anechoic chamber. In addition to the proposed directivity designs, the study covers influence of auralized room, source-to-receiver distance, signal, and single-channel reverberation. Moreover, simple room acoustical measures perform well in predicting the new effect.
Edition title Proceedings DAFX 2016
Publisher Month 09
Publisher Name DFAX
Publisher Location Brno (Tschechien)
Note procedure: peer-reviewed
Status published
Publication Type full paper
Publication Reference proceeding
Year of Publication 2016
Authors Wendt, F., Frank, M., Zotter, F., Höldrich, R.
Editors Schimmel, J.