Auditory localization model with elevation and correction of ambiguities

Sebastian Preis
05.10.2010 - 06.06.2011

wissenschaftliche Diplomarbeit



Auditory localization model with elevation and correction of ambiguitiestion und Korrektur der Mehrdeutigkeiten

The main goal of this diploma thesis is to investigate an auditory localization model aiming at a real-time implementation. The model is based on the model of Breebaart which is reviewed and in this thesis, considering potential improvement. Present models are able to detect sources regarding their azimuth angle in the horizontal plane with front- back confusion. Within the presented work, an extension of the models are sought to provide localization of the elevation angle of sound sources. Moreover, the remaining ambiguities (cone-of-confusion) can be corrected by additional means. For that purpose, the localisation scene is analyzed using several orientations of the head with regard to its rotation axis. Under the assumption of a static localization scene in which the head moves, the results of the various ambiguous analyses can be joined as to obtain a unique result. Concluding, this model is targeting the detection of the direction of a sound source without listening tests, while also providing an estimation of the apparent source width.