Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics

The Institute for Electronic Music and Acoustics (IEM), founded in 1965, intertwines the advancement of the arts with research and experimental development. The IEM serves as a pioneering interface between science and art, between new technologies and musical practice.

Research and development includes the fields of artistic research, signal processing and acoustics as well as computer music.

The special infrastructure at the IEM allows for inter- and trans-disciplinary questions to be explored experimentally. The evolution of the arts is also furthered by the creation of new works of electronic music, media and sound art.


Open CUBE - James Dooley

Mittwoch 25. Mai um 18:00 3(100110011)=4(GRAZ)James Dooley, Composer and Performer Programme...


SMA gesucht

Am IEM wird mit 1.10.22 für 2 Jahre eine SMA Stelle zur Unterstützung für den Institutsvorstand...

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