Concert hall for electro-acoustic works, small ensembles and experiments, especially those using audio-3D

The IEM CUBE is a medium-sized performance room for electronic music and it will meet the special requirements of a great many recording sessions and above all playback situations. In order to ensure great flexibility – also in view of future developments – preference will be given to the use of modular structures.

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| Wolfgang Hummer



Acoustical experiments and developments, algorithmic composition, computer music (27m²)

The Experimentalstudio is primarily intended for experimental developments in computer music and as an acoustics lab. A high level of flexibility was the starting point behind this conception. Thus, mobile computer music workstations can be deployed there in addition to the fixed ones.

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Studio for Teaching and Training of Students (34m²)

The Lehrstudio is the second largest studio at the Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics. It is suitable mainly for holding courses, practising with the equipment, and for students of computer music to develop experiments. 

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Recording and post-production of multi-channel productions, mastering, video-audio dubbing, authoring, graphics editing (41m²)

The Produktionsstudio serves for the post-processing of multi-channel recordings, for analyzing and synthesizing audio materials, for experimental procedures, and for the realization of electronic music compositions. In addition, multi-channel recordings from IEM CUBE can be realized too. For students in the inter-university degree program in Electrical Engineering and Audio Engineering, the Produktionsstudio is an integral part of the course.

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