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Entwicklung von Mobile-Music-Apps mit der Pure Data - Library „libpd” am Beispiel einer App für den therapeutischen Einsatz

AutorInnen Stahl, B.
Jahr 2015
Art der Arbeit Bachelorarbeit
Themenfeld Interaction Design
Abstract This work deals with the design and realization of an Android mobile-music app for use in a therapeutic context. The app “Healthy Sounds”, which has been created in the course of this work, contains two instruments. The first instrument is designed to be used in a rather conventional, psychotherapeutically oriented music therapy and allows the patient to improvise with Tibetan Singing Bowl sounds using a “pad-like” multitouch interface. The second instrument shall be used in a ergo- or physiotherapeutically oriented music therapy. It converts the movement data of the patient's wrist to sound and helps coordinating the wrist by giving audiovisual feedback. Concerning the implementation of the mobile-music app, the Pure Data library libpd was used for sound synthesis, while the graphics were rendered using the Android version of the graphics tool Processing. The description of the realization process of Healthy Sounds especially focuses on the use of libpd. As a conclusion, it was found out that the applied combination of software libraries is suitable for the implementation of smaller projects and prototypes. By careful programming, Healthy Sounds could be brought to also run stable on devices with average performance, making the app ready for a field test on patients' and therapists' acceptance and opinions.
URL http://phaidra.kug.ac.at/o:16364
BetreuerInnen Zmölnig, J.