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Tangible user interface for sound field control

AutorInnen Roenisch, T., Haider, M.
Jahr 2019
Art der Arbeit Bachelorarbeit
Themenfeld Interaction Design
Schlagwörter Auditory Visual Environment
Abstract Controlling the origin of sound sources in a three-dimensional audio field is a complex task, particularly in a live environment. Since multiple sources can be involved, a good overview, fast access to every source and simple automation commands are required. A user interface should facilitate straightforward handling and situational awareness. The following thesis presents the further development of "A Tangible User Interface for Playing Virtual Acoustics" by Birgit Gasteiger in 2010, with an emphasis on improved usability and advanced Ambisonic-controls and automation. Furthermore, it strives to devine a field of application for the "Tangible User Interface for Auditory Virtual Environments" (TUI-AVE). Several controls for the spatialization of sound sources, the respective development as well as designs of the corresponding visual presentation are outlined.
URL http://phaidra.kug.ac.at/o:92192
BetreuerInnen Ritsch, W.