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Systematic procedure to develop sonifications

AutorInnen Goudarzi, V.
Jahr 2017
Art der Arbeit Dissertation
Themenfeld Sonifikation
Schlagwörter Sonifikation, Auditory Display, Participatory Design, User-Centered Design, Human Computer Interaction (HCI)
Abstract The amount of data to analyse is increasing rapidly, but our ability to understand it remains constant. To gain better understanding of data, fields such as data mining, visualization and sonification are employed. Despite promising progress in auditory research and the potential benefits, we currently see little impact of audio in data analysis interfaces. New contexts of use and inclusive design principles increase the need for an efficient, multi-modal means of conveying information. Inspired by these needs, this thesis describes the challenge of data sonification and knowledge discovery in general and examines human-computer interaction methods with a focus on sonification as parts of a combined methodology for the exploration, analysis, and representation of complex data. The goal is to enhance knowledge transfer in auditory display design and to enable designers to build more efficient and compelling auditory solutions. As a starting point, the current practice in data analysis tasks by the users is investigated. Building on the results, in order to make the process accessible to users and data scientists, a tool is introduced. Finally, a series of studies and examples show how the methodology and tool can be used to address a range of problems. Experts in auditory display design and climate science participated in the studies to determine the usefulness of the tool. The studies and an interdisciplinary workshop facilitated the transfer of sonification design knowledge and skill between sound experts and domain scientists as well as promoting reflection on human-computer interaction design methods. Furthermore, insights have been gained about the design process which lay the foundations for future research in this field.
URL http://phaidra.kug.ac.at/o:50813
BetreuerInnen Höldrich, R.