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Tangible Computermusic: Exploration of a Glove as Musical Interface

AutorInnen Rizzo, K.
Jahr 2021
Art der Arbeit Bachelorarbeit
Themenfeld Interaction Design
Schlagwörter Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Computer Music
Abstract What interested me most during the three-year course of Computer Music at the Institute of Electronic Music (IEM) were the relationships that exist between music (including electronic) and other artistic languages, especially multimedia. I was invited during this time to conduct timely explorations of the world of sounds, both natural and those produced by means of electronic instruments. As a result, the sound as an event became central to my personal conception of music. Along with aspects such as form and structure, I focused my attention on the sound as an acoustic phenomenon, investigating its spectral characteristics. Fascinated by concrete music, I dedicated my artistic production to the exploration of materials and their possible timbral combinations. For this reason I developed a glove equipped with solenoids capable of producing percussive sounds similar to those produced by a drum kit. As we will see in the next chapters, my intent is to obtain a mixture of both electronic and concrete elements that interact with the performer within a reciprocal discourse. I came to this topic after conducting an excursus in the history and tradition of the use of controllers as an artistic and conceptual expression. With the outcome of my work I propose a possible strategy to use the glove as a compositional and performative tool that can connect the human medium and the machine. Moving away from the notion of interface as the control of sound parameters such as volume, dynamics or position in space, I explore the possibilities of using a glove as: • sonification of previously programmed events, such as clusters or rhythmical sequences; • an exciter to form a percussive instrument together with concrete materials such as glass, metal or wood. Like a classical instrument, the sonic result depends on the touch, which plays a fundamental role in the generation of sound and its timbral qualities. Through the use of solenoids, the interaction with external objects creates a kind of tactile feedback that requires a continuous response from the performer to the machine. In fact, parameters such as dynamics and volume are controlled by the hand, which applies different levels of pressure according to compositional requirements. I first made a preliminary prototype of the instrument, resulting in a compositional work. After analysing the process, I collaborated with Lain Iwakura and composed a subsequent work, with the aim to show the capabilities of this glove and the features that it offers as a musical instrument.
URL https://phaidra.kug.ac.at/o:122424
BetreuerInnen Ciciliani, M.