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Attractive Correlations

AutorInnen Giannoutakis, K.
Jahr 2018
Art der Arbeit Masterarbeit
Themenfeld Algorithmische Komposition
Abstract This thesis presents the performance ecosystem “Attractive Correlations”. In the emerging field of the ecosystemic framework in music, an overlooked conviction seems to contradict a fundamental principle in this line of creative thought. “Attractive Correlations” propose new directions for dealing with the problematic of the reduced ability of experiencing some of the reciprocal relationships between the involved agencies. The methods that were implemented in the artistic work and investigated in this thesis are: the dissolution of the central stage by the installative articulation of space with various smaller stages and spots, the dynamic alteration of listening modes for the human-agents, the reduced influence of the agency of technocratic determinism via dynamical DSP routines, the extension of the algorithmicity in a perceivable performative domain and the audience conditioning through preparatory events and unconventional concert configurations.
URL http://phaidra.kug.ac.at/o:73300
BetreuerInnen Eckel, G.