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Musikalischer Ausdruck in der Computermusik

AutorInnen Liepins, R.
Jahr 2010
Art der Arbeit Bachelorarbeit
Themenfeld Embodiment
Abstract Nowadays computers play an essential role in contemporary music delivering sounds and processing abilities that could not even be imagined only a few decades ago. Nevertheless, there is an important drawback shared by almost every computer music system: The psychophysical relationship between the human body of the performer and the device is kind of lost. One can say computer music suffers from disembodiment in sense of performance. The consequence is a lack of musical expression, especially in computer music performances. It is tried to investigate the possibilities to solve this problem by creating new instruments/interfaces, which provide expression by interaction. In the first part the concept of musical expression is developed as well as the reasons for this problem. Afterwards the several requirements for the achievement of the goal like embodiment, intimacy and virtuosity are explored. Finally, there is a brief overview of different approaches for expressive computer music instruments given.
URL http://phaidra.kug.ac.at/o:11004
BetreuerInnen Eckel, G.