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Audio over Internet using OSC

AutorInnen Jäger, W.
Jahr 2010
Art der Arbeit Toningenieur-Projekt
Themenfeld Audiosignalverarbeitung
Abstract Audio signals should be distributed to playback systems over network. To save resources like bandwidth and computing time, the audio data should be sent on demand only. Ethernet established itself quite well in the field of controlling embedded devices and computer, therefore it will be used here. Furthermore most of the available network components are able to handle the IP protocol. On the application layer Open Sound Control (OSC) will be used, due to its message based structure. Unfortunately there is no standardized implementation for Audio over OSC yet. So with regard to the possibility of synchronicity and partly discontinuous data streams with constant and predictable latency a protocol to transmit Audio over OSC has to be developed.
URL http://phaidra.kug.ac.at/o:11413
BetreuerInnen Ritsch, W.